Pete The Plumber

CTV Show
Producer: L & C Style Productions
Date: February 20, 2019

Pete The Plumber TV show - Season 5 Episode 4 - Oasis Landscape and Gasline, and Calgary Home Show part 2

Watch Pete The Plumber at the Calgary Home Show.

Season 5 - 2019

S5 - E1
Bo Levi and Madi Mitchell's Air-Conditioner Install
S5 - E2
George Canyon's New Basement Renovation
S5 - E3
Chestermere Sump Pump and the Calgary Home Show
S5 - E4
Oasis Landscape and Gasline, and Calgry Home Show part 2
S5 - E5
Cassie Campbell-Pascal's Plumbing Hat Trick
S5 - E6
Rob Kerr's DIY Bathroom Renovation
S5 - E7
Mike Lee's Scenic Acres Bathroom Renovation
S5 - E8
Jerry Durrant's New Airconditioner
S5 - E9
A Whole New Kind of Vanity and Sink
S5 - E10
Office Kitchen Redo with Dana Murzyn
S5 - E11
PADS Custom Slop Sink
S5 - E12
Catriona Le May Doen
S5 - E13
Mike Lee's Bridgeland Condo Kitchen Reno

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